Homeschooling is lolnely…

This is my first post, and I’m still not too sure how to use WordPress, so pls bear with me if I slip up a little here. I have chosen to make my first post about homeschooling. Now, a lot of people seem to have gathered the idea that homeschoolers don’t really have any friends and stay cooped up at home all day long, hunched over musty studybooks. I’m here to debunk that. The actual fact is, homeschoolers do have friends. How people get the impression that we’re lonely scholars, I really don’t know. (And yes, I know that sentence is phrased a tad awkwardly, my apologies).

This Chinese New Year, when my family and I were at my Si Ko Po (fourth grand-aunt)’sĀ  and Sa Ko Po (third grand-aunt)’s houses, which are side by side, a vague relative whose name I should remember and my mum somehow got onto the topic of education. From there they drifted to homeschooling. As they were talking, I wandered up because my cousins were hogging the sparklers and playing with fire was getting boring. I eavesdropped a while, then the vague relative whose name I don’t know asked me, “do you like homeschooling?” I got a mild shock, forced a smile, and replied, “yes.” Now it was her turn to look mildly surprised. “Eh?” she stared at me like a was a lab specimen. “But you have no friends!” Right then, if I could have rolled my eyes without getting scolded for being rude, I would have. Instead, I forced another smile even though I was seething inside, and replied with a voice of milk-and-honey, “oh, I have a lot of friends.”

Somehow she had formed the assumption that I was lonely — just because I happen to be homeschooled. It’s incidents like this that make me want to laugh, cry, and blow up with frustration at how unthinking people are. Although one good thing came out of that — that nameless relative proved an extremely useful topic for a first post.


Disclaimer: Even though this post might make you think so, I don’t actually hate any of my numerous relatives.

Thanks for reading, sorry if I bored you!



  1. Starling
    Aug 8, 2017

    XD Nice first post! I don’t think I can follow you šŸ™

    • ShuenL
      Aug 8, 2017

      Oh thx. Why tho? Actually nvm u dun have to.

      • Starling
        Aug 9, 2017

        Because, I am using WordPress and you are self hosting. Self hosting is when you own your own blog and WordPress doesn’t own it. I already helped to promote your blog

  2. ShuenL
    Aug 10, 2017

    Uh oh….to who? I see..

    • Starling
      Aug 10, 2017

      I just put it in one of my blog posts. Can you follow me?

      • ShuenL
        Aug 21, 2017

        Sorry I didn’t see ur comment. Um, I haven’t tried yet, will try soon. šŸ™‚

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