Since it’s Hari Merdeka/Hari Kebangsaan today, I think the proper and respectable thing to do would be to write a deeply patriotic, gushing, embellished post on how absolutely awesome Malaysia is. At least, that’s what a model Malaysian would do, right? So in that case…

I’m not going to do that cos I’m not a model Malaysian, I’m not so good at doing proper, respectable stuff, and also cos this is my blog and I can write what I want on it. Anyway! The SEA Games have just finished, with the closing ceremony taking place last night. Malaysia has a total of 323 medals, which means that we won!! The complete medal tallies can be found online. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m boasting, but I really can’t help it XD.

Most of my friends watched the football finals live on either the tv or online. I did; and it was a very, very good match even though Thailand won in the end. If our Malaysian team hadn’t accidentally scored an own goal, I’m pretty sure it’d have been a draw 0-0. I don’t blame the goalie who punched the ball backwards, or the player behind him who didn’t manage to block it. Nothing much could have been done, and at least Malaysia made it to the finals and won silver.

Malaysia is a great country to live in. Sure, it has a flaws (plenty of  ’em) bad weather (e.g. haze, monsoon season, scorching sun) and we aren’t that high up on the economic scale, but we got great food, amazing birdwatching spots, diversity, and a measure of equality. Oh, and we also have great people! (Not all, but a lot) I may be biased cos I’m Malaysian born and bred, but in my personal opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. Go Malaysia!




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